Pumpkin And Veggie Soup With Parmesan CroutonsBy Sylvie

In winter, I cancel most of my plans to spend time at home. Yep, that's true! There's something very comforting about staying in, making a warm meal, reading a nice book, watching an interesting series or movie. And if I do go out, I spend the evening dreaming about the coziness and warmth of home. I am truly the epitome of introversion! Anyway, this pumpkin soup is the perfect meal for those quiet nights in. It has many veggies in, it's so creamy and just delicious. I serve it with crispy Parmesan croutons and a swirl of cream. Here's the recipe!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich With Roasted Tomato SoupBy Sylvie

If I ever committed a horrible crime and I were about to be jailed for life, this would definitely be my last meal of freedom… sorry for all the drama, but I wanted you to know how amazing this meal is! I crave it when I want something comforting. I am not in any way encouraging emotional eating, but sometimes we need food that feels like a hug to the soul. That’s how this meal feels! The ultimate grilled cheese sandwich loaded with Emmental, mature Cheddar, and sheep Bulgarian cheese, buttery and crispy on the outside, beautifully cheesy on the inside. I serve the sandwich with a creamy roasted tomato soup for lots of dipping. Here’s the recipe. Oh yum!

Chicken SoupBy Sylvie

This chicken soup might not cure a flu, because only time and meds do that, but it surely warms up the tummy and soul! The smell of bubbling chicken soup filling up the house is one of those smells that make you feel at home. It has leeks, carrots, homemade rich chicken broth, chicken thigh pieces, vermicelli to thicken the soup a little, baby spinach, and lemon juice. Serve it warm with lemon wedges and chili flakes for some heat.

Butternut Squash And Caramelized Onion SoupBy Sylvie

This soup is a mix between the classic onion soup and the famous pumpkin soup! The sweetness of caramelized onions marries perfectly with the creamy deliciousness of butternut squash, cream, thyme, and a touch of nutmeg. For extra indulgence, I serve it with cheesy toasts. What I really want is to cozy up in my favorite spot and eat a big soul warming bowl of this. Such a treat!

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