Baked Feta And GrapesBy Sylvie

I am obsessed with pairing a type of cheese with a fruit, and I think that fall fruits work perfectly for that. This time it’s creamy feta and sweet seedless grapes baked with a bit of extra virgin olive oil, pomegranate molasses for that je ne sais quoi flavor, honey to enhance the sweetness, fresh aromatic rosemary, and some crunchy almonds. When the grapes pop and the feta gets a nice color, you’re ready to toast some bread and dig in. So good!

Cherry SconesBy Sylvie

Are you a sweet breakfast lover like me? If yes, then these fresh cherry scones are for you. If not, I think this recipe will covert you. Ha! They are buttery, crumbly, and full of sweet bursting cherries with orange zest that makes the flavors pop. They make the kitchen smell like heaven and will make you happy. Best served with coffee or tea. So good!

Emmental Rosemary ShortbreadBy Sylvie

These savory shortbread cookies are buttery, cheesy, and crumbly. They are flavored with rosemary, made pretty with wild sage leaves, and finished with Fleur de Sel for that extra touch. They melt in your mouth! Best served with a glass of Chardonnay. Cheers!

Mom’s KaakBy Sylvie

Dipping a beautiful twisted sweet Kaakeh in warm milk is one of my favorite childhood memories. My mom's Kaaks taste like home! They are golden, crumbly, nicely spiced, and they make the most delicious snack. Here's the recipe.

Healthy Tannour Chips with GuacamoleBy Sylvie

There is nothing like getting comfy in front of the TV with a bowl of crunchy chips to watch your favorite show. Store-bought chips are packed with unhealthy ingredients that are no good for you! So here's a healthy chips recipe, made with Tannour bread, Mexican spice mix, and a touch of olive oil. Very simple, flavorful, and crunchy. Perfect for dipping into chunky guacamole!

Honeyed Akkaoui Strawberry TartsBy Sylvie

You know when you see something and you expect it to have a certain taste? Well when you see those tarts, you expect to taste some sort of custard filling. But these beauties have honeyed melty Akkaoui cheese, flavored with cinnamon, orange zest, and a nice crunchy surprise, encased in buttery puff pastry! The strawberries sit beautifully on the cheese filling, then they are baked until the pastry is puffed up and golden. So good!

Spiced Carob Molasses GranolaBy Sylvie

This is a healthy granola recipe, spiced with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, flavored and naturally sweetened with carob molasses. It has oats, walnuts, apple chips, pumpkin seeds, raisins, and a touch of orange zest. Better than any store-bought version out there. Try it!

Almond Coconut Snowman Bliss BallsBy Sylvie

Delicious almond coconut bliss balls, light, soft, spiced, and brought together in the form of super cute Snowmen. There might be a chocolate surprise in one of the balls too! Come on, who wouldn't like this? Check the easy recipe right here.

The Lebanese SnickersBy Sylvie

These are not your usual homemade Snickers, because they are beautifully flavored with Lebanese Carob molasses. Healthy, no added sugar, not too sweet, easy to prepare, and better than any store-bought chocolate you might taste. They are finished with a light molasses drizzle for extra flavor. I am craving a Lebanese Snickers right now!

Choco Banana Yogurt Granola BowlBy Sylvie

If you're craving a sweet healthy breakfast, then this granola bowl is for you! Fresh Laban flavored with banana, cinnamon, chocolate hazelnut spread, topped with granola, strawberries and honey. So good!

No Bake Oat Matcha BarsBy Sylvie

My no bake oat Matcha bars are better than any store-bought version you can get your hands on. Healthy, delicious, and loaded with the good stuff. Check out the easy recipe.

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