Sesame Crusted Seared Tuna With Crunchy Apple SaladBy Sylvie

Apples are not only good for sweet recipes, I also love pairing them with savory dishes! They are everywhere this time of the year and there are many varieties you can try with this dish. I used Golden Apples here but Granny Smith or Pink Lady would work beautifully. Now let’s talk about the gorgeous tuna that I coated with white and black sesame seeds, then seared for 30 seconds on each side until barely kissed by fire. I served it sliced over a crunchy apple salad tossed with a soy tahini honey dressing. Here’s the recipe!

Apple SaladBy Sylvie

This is a big feel good delicious salad! Crunchy acidic apple, sweet dried apricot, purslane, parsley, creamy Bulgarian cheese, and crunchy almonds. The salad is tossed in an amazing dressing then served immediately while the apple sticks are still crunchy and herbs are fresh. It goes well will grilled chicken or juicy steak. Here's the recipe!

Artichoke Confit Spring SaladBy Sylvie

Ever tried confit-ing something? I usually confit garlic and it brings out their sweetness and flavor so beautifully. This time I applied the confit magic to artichoke hearts. I used great extra virgin olive oil, garlic, lemon peel, basil, fresh chili, and I confit-ed the artichoke low and slow in the oven. They turned out very soft, flavorful, and absolutely divine! Definitely the best way to cook artichoke hearts. I served them over a green Spring salad and used the confit-ed garlic and oil for the dressing. Get the recipe right here!

Spring Rice SaladBy Sylvie

Have you ever used rice in a salad? It's such a wonderful idea! Rice is an amazing flavor carrier. I created this Spring rice salad to celebrate the gorgeous seasonal produce we have during this time of the year. Spring onions, arugula, asparagus, sweet juicy apricots, and let's not forget about goat cheese. For the dressing, I simply used great quality extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, beautiful pomegranate molasses, and smashed garlic. This salad is full of flavor, quick to put together, and plays your tastebuds beautifully. It goes amazing with grilled chicken by the way. Check it out!

Asian Shrimp Noodle Salad With a Soy Tahini Honey DressingBy Sylvie

This salad hits all the right notes: vermicelli rice noodles, crunchy veggies, fresh herbs, a bit of chili to spice it up, and toasted sesame seeds! And the dressing is perfectly balanced, creamy, it brings everything together beautifully. I use a little bit of it to glaze juicy pan-fried shrimp right before serving. So good! You can replace the shrimp with salmon, chicken, or just leave it vegetarian. Make it!

Lentil Autumnal Salad With Grilled HalloumBy Sylvie

Lentils are definitely one of my favorite grains. The are super delicious, versatile, high in protein, iron, fiber, and they cook pretty fast too. Here's a lentil Autumnal salad that's beautiful, super healthy, and packed with warm flavors. And of course you have to have it with grilled Halloum because it's always better with a little bit of cheese on top!

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