Healthy Cherry BrowniesBy Sylvie

I've always eaten healthy but lately I’ve been watching more and more the quality of food I put in my body. I mostly avoid white sugar, so I use sweeteners like honey or carob molasses, which are local and natural. My brownies are an indulging feel good treat. Healthy ingredients, quick to put together, fudgy, and absolutely delicious!

Chocolate And Carob Molasses Almond CakeBy Sylvie

If you are a dark chocolate lover, then you will adore this cake. Why is this cake special? Glad you ask. It is rich, moist, intense in flavor, and it leaves you with a pleasant bitter aftertaste. Add to that some juicy strawberries and a velvety buttery frosting. It's also gluten free and sugar free because it's sweetened with carob molasses, which intensifies its flavor. I chose to ice it with a creamy chocolate buttercream frosting, but you can have it on its own or cover it with a healthy glaze. Believe me, a small bite will send you to chocolate heaven!

Chocolat ChaudBy Sylvie

There’s nothing like a hot cup of chocolat chaud on a cold winter evening! Rich, intense, and absolute heaven for chocolate lovers. I like to top it with luscious whipped cream and some shaved chocolate. Perfection!

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