Chocolate And Carob Molasses Almond CakeBy Sylvie

If you are a dark chocolate lover, then you will adore this cake. Why is this cake special? Glad you ask. It is rich, moist, intense in flavor, and it leaves you with a pleasant bitter aftertaste. Add to that some juicy strawberries and a velvety buttery frosting. It's also gluten free and sugar free because it's sweetened with carob molasses, which intensifies its flavor. I chose to ice it with a creamy chocolate buttercream frosting, but you can have it on its own or cover it with a healthy glaze. Believe me, a small bite will send you to chocolate heaven!

Gâteau Invisible Aux PommesBy Sylvie

This cake recipe is light, healthy, easy, and extremely delicious! It might look like any another cake from the outside until you slice it and see all the beautiful apple layers. Basically it's a lot of apples tossed in a cinnamony batter, stacked in a cake pan, topped with walnut for some crunch, then baked until the kitchen smells amazing and the apples are soft but still retain a little bite. I like to serve each slice with a spoonful of honeyed mascarpone. Check out the recipe!

Zhourat CakeBy Sylvie

This might look like a normal loaf cake but let me tell you something, it has a special something inside; Lebanese Zhourat which is made of Za’atar, chamomile, roses, rosemary, cinnamon, loumi, marjoram, wild mint, anise, zoofa, and sage. This blend is sweet, a touch bitter, spiced, tangy, earthy, wild, and beautifully complex. The inspiration for my Zhourat Cake came from the famous Earl Grey Cake, but I was actually very hesitant to try it because Zhourat is much bolder in flavor than Earl Grey. However like everything in life, I can never know unless I try. And I am happy I did, because it came out like magic! As soon as it starts rising in the oven, the kitchen will smell so sweet. It’s a joy to eat because not only it’s delicious, it also smells incredibly fragrant as you take a bite.

Carob Molasses And Tahini Marble CakeBy Sylvie

Tahini and Carob Molasses go together like Labneh and Zaatar! There is a small bowl of Carob Molasses and Tahini sitting on the kitchen table in almost every Lebanese house. This cake is my take on possibly the most traditional Lebanese sweet duo. When you cut it you see those beautiful light and dark swirls! It smells amazing and tastes like home.

Olive Oil Lemon CakeBy Sylvie

The first time I tested this cake, I was very skeptical about using olive oil in a sweet recipe. It's actually not something that I am familiar with. Then I licked the spatula... hmmm interesting. It started smelling really good while baking, and I was very excited to taste it. I cut myself a nice piece, I had a small bite, and I fell in love! I discovered that baking with olive oil brings out its wonderful fruitiness. This is my simple olive oil lemon cake recipe. Its sweetness is balanced by the tartness of lemon, it's fluffy, moist, fruity, light, and delicious. I like to drizzle it with a lemon glaze, but you can serve it as is.

Carob Molasses And Strawberry Sfouf FondantBy Sylvie

This is not a chocolate fondant. This is Carob Molasses Sfouf gone fondant! The rich oozy center is made of a strawberry and molasses reduction, while the cake is a typical Sfouf. I believe this makes it a Lebanese Valentine's dessert. I like to let an ice cream scoop melt on top of my warm fondant, and dig into it. Delicious!

Carob Molasses Christmas CakeBy Sylvie

This cake looks, smells, and tastes like Christmas! It celebrates amazing warm flavors; Carob Molasses, marmalade, Kamar El Dine, single malt, and lots of dried fruits. I've been making it for years and it's always a joy to anyone who tastes it. Here's the recipe!

Spiced Chocolate Pear CakeBy Sylvie

Chocolate and pears are a beautiful match! This is a rich yet light chocolate cake flavored and topped with spiced poached pears. It is easy to prepare, incredibly delicious, and perfectly spiced. Perfect for your winter baking.

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