Chocolate Bread PuddingBy Sylvie

Every time I go to the bakery, I end up buying a lot of bread that will definitely go stale before I can eat it. I am aware of this problem but I just can't help it; I have a sweet spot for bread. Here I am repurposing leftover sourdough loaf to make the most delicious chocolate bread pudding! The bread is tossed in a mixture of eggs, milk, sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, a bit of cinnamon, vanilla, and orange zest, then it's topped with almond, and finally baked. The pudding gets crunchy on top, soft, rich, and custardy in the middle. I like to simply top it with powdered sugar and berries while it's still warm, or let some ice cream melt on top of it just before serving. Such a treat! Here's the recipe.

Kaakeh AsrouniyehBy Sylvie

That moment when you tear a fresh warm Kaakeh apart and you dip it into Labneh and Zaatar! HAPPINESS. This is my easy Kaakeh Asrouniyeh recipe. Soft, delicious, and fluffy. Perfect for breakfast!

Healthy Tannour Chips with GuacamoleBy Sylvie

There is nothing like getting comfy in front of the TV with a bowl of crunchy chips to watch your favorite show. Store-bought chips are packed with unhealthy ingredients that are no good for you! So here's a healthy chips recipe, made with Tannour bread, Mexican spice mix, and a touch of olive oil. Very simple, flavorful, and crunchy. Perfect for dipping into chunky guacamole!

Soft Zaatar PretzelsBy Sylvie

There is nothing like homemade soft pretzels! Soft and pillowy on the inside. Tanned and salty on the outside. Sprinkled with Zaatar and salt for that Lebanese touch! I love to have them warm with a cheese dip or some Labneh.

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