Baked Feta And GrapesBy Sylvie

I am obsessed with pairing a type of cheese with a fruit, and I think that fall fruits work perfectly for that. This time it’s creamy feta and sweet seedless grapes baked with a bit of extra virgin olive oil, pomegranate molasses for that je ne sais quoi flavor, honey to enhance the sweetness, fresh aromatic rosemary, and some crunchy almonds. When the grapes pop and the feta gets a nice color, you’re ready to toast some bread and dig in. So good!

Red Lentil Dip With Grilled Halloum And VeggiesBy Sylvie

I THINK THIS RED LENTIL DIP IS BETTER THAN HUMMUS. There, I said it! let the haters come at me... It's made of split red lentil, charred bell pepper, garlic, Tahini, lemon juice, salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil. It's better topped with grilled veggies, Halloum sticks, crunchy sumac onions, tomato, and baby spinach leaves. It wouldn't be complete without a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on top. Serve it with toasted pita for dipping. Such a delicious treat!

Fennel Pomegranate Labneh Dip With Toasted PitaBy Sylvie

There's a million way to eat Labneh, but this is certainly my favorite way. Labneh dip with fennel, pomegranate seeds, fried pine nuts, lots of olive oil, served with perfectly baked pita. Simple but it always excites me!

Akkawi Cheese Peach And Apricot Mini TartsBy Sylvie

Flaky puff pastry, Akkawi cheese, crunchy pistachios, sweet peaches and apricots, all baked together to create the perfect mini tarts. Finish off each tart with honey, black pepper, flaky salt, and basil for an appetizer that’s perfect for everything from brunch, to lunch, to entertaining on a summer night.

Cheesy Tapenade Pistachio Buns With Tomato SauceBy Sylvie

Easy, comforting, swirled with Emmental cheese, olive tapenade, crunchy pistachios. Serve as a brunch, appetizer, or even as a side dish. I love having these buns with a spicy tomato sauce for dipping. Delicious!

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