Welcome to
My World!

Where I share my love for food, my passion for creating recipes, and deliciously styled dishes!

Welcome to
My World!

Where I share my love 
for food, my passion for 
creating recipes, and 
deliciously styled dishes

My Little Story

Hey! I’m Sylvie, the person behind Holy Mitt. I’ve been drawn to the kitchen since I was a teenager. I learned a lot about traditional Lebanese cooking from my mom, who is an amazing cook. I would research, read cookbooks, watch cooking shows, then experiment in the kitchen. I was obsessed with creating dishes that are mine, and not someone else’s recipe.
After I graduated from high school, I went to university, majored in Architecture and worked at a design firm. I forgot about cooking for a while, because I barely had time to do anything. But whenever I had spare time, I’d elope to the kitchen to cook a nice meal. University was hard to get through, but I finally graduated and went off to the world to get a 9 to 5 Architecture job. I was never happy as an employee, it felt like my creativity was being crushed. 

I was always depressed and I went through a hard time. Then I decided to quit my job, work as a freelance architect, find something I love, and pursue it.

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